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Working from home may seem convenient, but it comes with its challenges. For one, it can make sticking to a fitness routine a lot harder. When you don’t have to leave your home to go to work, you tend to lose the motivation to go out at all, which can be problematic if you’re used to going to the gym or taking walks after work.

Staying in shape when you don’t have to leave your home every day is difficult, but it is possible. Here are a few tips that should make things easier.


Take Frequent Breaks 

Taking frequent breaks will help you stay in shape while you’re working from home. This doesn’t mean sitting and watching something on TV or YouTube when you have some downtime during your workday, either; you should be getting up and walking around. Take a walk around your block if the weather permits, or stand up and stretch when it doesn’t. You can even do some light exercise such as yoga or lift small weights when you’re not working.


Keep Exercise Equipment Near Your Desk

Exercise will be a lot easier if you keep a few things close by when working. We’ve already discussed keeping some smaller 5-pound or 10-pound weights near your desk, but you can also save a yoga mat nearby if you have space.


Invest in a Standing Desk

Sitting for eight hours a day at a desk isn’t good for you, but you can mitigate that with a standing desk. A standing desk is exactly what you think it is: a desk that requires you to stay standing when you’re using it. It doesn’t sound like it would make much of a difference, but it will put you in the mood to keep moving and at least get some exercise.


Enroll in an Online Fitness Class

If you want to keep up with a workout regimen, you can always enroll in an online fitness class. There are plenty of studies that teach you to do yoga or pilates without stepping away from your computer. You’ll be able to access courses with the least amount of effort imaginable, but you’ll still get plenty of exercise. You’ll need to have the space to move for your workout, so you might want to rearrange your living room or workspace if you’re going to get an intense workout.