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Anyone who is just starting out running has primarily two main concerns. They want to figure out how to run both further and faster. It doesn’t matter the age or the level of expertise of the runner, they want to improve in both of these areas. Of course, the pace and distance of the runner highly depend on their personal experience. There are several training principles that can impact the speed of any runner. All of these principles will be something that will stick with them through the entirety of their running career. The following principles can be used to increase a runner’s speed over time.


Most training plans gradually increase the distance and speed without pushing the runner too fast. They do not want the athlete to overdo it and become burnt out quickly. This plan has a few short weekday runs and then includes one long weekend run. Each week these runs will progressively become longer in order to help gradually increase the speed of the runner without attempting to do so all at one once. 


It is always important to listen to your own body. The training for two different runners is never going to be the same because everyone’s body is unique. Pay close attention to how your body is feeling and adjust the distance being run accordingly. A runner can have one high-intensity run and training, but it should then be followed up by two easier recovery days. It’s important to be on the lookout for body aches, pain, a decrease in appetite, and poor sleep. All of these symptoms are signaling that the training is going overboard and to cut back. 


Separate speed workouts are always helpful, but it is not something that should be stressed over getting done. Get in the routine of creating a simple easy to remember routine such as four half-mile repeats along with light jogging for two minutes. This training can carry over from week to week, and the goal is to improve and better the speed and time from the previous week. From there the half-mile interval can be increased along with the distance itself. This will continue to help increase your running speed over time.