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Those who have stuck to the same workout routine for years may not be getting the most out of their workout as they would like. The human body is incredible at adapting to exercise. This means that eventually the body figures out a way to do the exercises in a workout with the least work possible. While this has a purpose for conserving energy, it may not be the best way to burn fat. Reenergize your workout to prevent boredom, increase motivation and burn more calories.


100 Repetitions Method

Push the body to its max by trying to do 100 repetitions of an exercise. Choose a weight that causes failure at 20 repetitions. Do the 20 repetitions, and then rest for five seconds. Repeat the process four more times until 100 repetitions are reached. This process should then be repeated three to four more times using exercises that target the same muscle group.


Static Holds

Instead of continually moving the weights up-and-down, try holding them. Begin the exercise while holding onto the appropriate weight. When the burning sensation in the muscles is at a peak, squeeze and hold the weight in this position for as long as possible. Doing so can help you reach failure and build muscle.



Adding pulses to your workout challenges your body further when doing fairly basic moves. A pulse consists of performing an exercise and then pulsing during the most difficult part. For example, a pulse during a squat would consist of slowly pulsing while in a low squat position. Pulse for 20 to 40 times before coming back to the starting position and repeat. 


Giant Supersets

A superset is two exercises from two different muscle groups that are done back-to-back without resting. For example, a person could perform 15 bicep curls and then 15 tricep curls before repeating the process. A giant superset is done by doing four exercises back-to-back with no breaks in-between. Supersets can help exercisers quickly get through a workout and burn maximum calories because of the low rest times.


Effective workouts will get you closer to optimal health than doing the same thing every day. Reenergize your routine with these tips and watch how your body gains muscle and burns more fat.