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Robert Assaf

Healthy Living

About Robert 

Robert Assaf is the President of Kardish Health Food Centre in Ottawa, Canada. Robert’s passion for healthy food and a healthy lifestyle started when he was a child. Growing up, Robert’s father owned a health food store, making healthy food a staple of Robert’s early years. As Robert grew up, he saw that others began adopting the healthy food trend pioneered by people like his father. At first, he noticed a small niche of people looking to live healthier lives by changing their diet. Then, as time went on, more and more people began adopting healthier foods into their lives. Now, Robert sees that his dad was just an early adapter to a much larger trend, which has swept the world.

Robert Assaf is proud of his father and his family for being a part of the healthy living movement before it became popular. Today, he continues to promote a healthy lifestyle through his business. Robert has been able to expand Kardish Health Food Centre to seven locations, helping him to promote a healthy lifestyle to many people.

In addition to his professional life, Robert Assaf is also passionate about living a healthy lifestyle at home with his wife and kids. Both Robert and his wife, Melinda, try to instill a healthy, well-rounded diet in the entire family, avoiding fad diets and superficial trends, and instead focusing on wholesome foods. Robert is also invested in his children’s physical well-being, which is why he and his wife make time to exercise with their children on a regular basis. In addition, Robert has helped his children learn valuable life skills by encouraging them to play team sports. Robert and his wife hope that by creating a healthy diet, remaining physically fit, and engaging in family bonding time, that everyone in the family can live a healthy and happy life.

Robert Assaf believes that every person should live a healthy life, and that starts with eating right and getting enough exercise. Robert likes to provide information to people about how to get enough nutrition and how to find the right things to eat. Regardless of whether someone has a dietary restriction or not, Robert believes he can find healthy options for people to implement into their diet. When it comes to fitness, Robert has seen that any kind of exercise can make a big difference. This is why Robert promotes finding exercise any way someone can, whether it be intensive cardio, weight training, yoga, swimming, or even walking. Robert hopes that by providing information on a healthy lifestyle, he can encourage others to take the leap and improve their lives.