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Don’t let the rain stop your run: tips to run while it’s raining

Once you start running for fitness, the rush of endorphins your brain releases will encourage you to run every day. Unfortunately, some days may not be warm and sunny, but you’ll still want to go for your daily run. On the days that it rains, you can still run by following these suggestions.

Protect Against Chafing

While the friction between your skin and your clothes can always lead to chafing, it’s far more likely in rainy weather. To prevent this from occurring, you can lube up around the sensitive areas of your body before you run in the rain. Apply your favourite natural body oil or lotion to your armpits, inner thighs, feet, and chest. This will help reduce that friction as your clothing becomes wet and clingy.

Stay on Paved Surfaces

When grass becomes wet, it creates a slippery surface that could cause you to lose your balance and fall. Rather than risking injuries, stay on sidewalks whenever possible. If you come upon an area without sidewalks, run on the shoulder of the road. When it’s raining, it’s especially important to wear colorful, reflective clothing. Otherwise, drivers may not see you soon enough when you do have to run on the road. Remember that drivers are also challenged by inclement weather, and they will be focused on the cars in front of them.

Keep a Steady Pace

You’ll have to accept the fact that you’re not going to beat your best run times when you have to run in the rain. It will be difficult to see clearly, and you’ll have to keep a closer eye on the ground to avoid branches and other obstacles. It’s enough to keep up a steady pace and get your exercise for the day. You can concentrate more on matching or beating your best run time when there’s another clear and sunny day. The goal on a rainy day should simply be to get running.

When your run is complete, you won’t want to spend much more time in those wet clothes. In addition to feeling miserable and uncomfortable, cooling down in wet clothes can increase your chances of catching a cold. Instead, run until you reach your car or front door. That way, you can change out of those clothes before your body cools down and you catch a chill.